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International Conference on Musical Form

Mon-Wed, 21-23 June 2021

13:00-19:00 (BST)

Organised by Formal Theory Study Group (FTSG)

Supported by:

North-Eastern Music Analysis Collective  Durham University

Sponsored by:

 Society for Music Analysis (SMA)

Royal Musical Association (RMA)

Music & Letters Trust

Keynote Speakers

Prof Janet Schmalfeldt (Tufts University),

Dr Steven Vande Moortele

(University of Toronto)



The Society for Music Analysis Formal Theory Study Group invites proposals for the International Conference on Musical Form. For at least the last 25 years, music theory has witnessed remarkable developments in this area. This renewed interest, referred to as the ‘new Formenlehre’, has stemmed especially from the development of analytical theories for late eighteenth-century music advanced by William Caplin (1998) and James Hepokoski and Warren Darcy (2006). The International Conference on Musical Form seeks to reflect on the achievements of and the ongoing debates surrounding the new Formenlehre, whilst also considering its future. We welcome not only papers dealing with theoretical and analytical issues, but also contributions from related disciplines including historical musicology, history of music theory, corpus studies, music cognition, ethnomusicology, performance studies, philosophy of music, and sociology of music. 

Suggested themes include but are not limited to:

The new Formenlehre, Classical form, Romantic form, Post-Romantic form, Form in post-tonal music, Form in early music, Form in popular music, Form in non-Western music, Syntax and closure, Syntax and schema, Historical approaches to form, History of Formenlehre, Formenlehre and music theory pedagogy, Form and hermeneutics, Form and performance, Form and music cognition, Empirical approaches to form

Representatives from

North-Eastern Music Analysis Collective

Prof Julian Horton (Durham University)

Dr Christopher Tarrant (Newcastle University)

Programme Committee

Prof Julian Horton (Durham University), Chair

Dr Anne Hyland (University of Manchester)

Prof Markus Neuwirth (Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität)

Dr Benedict Taylor (University of Edinburgh)

Organising Committee

Laura Erel (Durham University)

Sunbin Kim (Durham University)

Giselle Lee (Durham University)

Dr Kelvin Lee (University of Leuven)

Hazel Rowland (University of Tübingen)

Yvonne Teo (Durham University)

For enquiries, please contact organising committee at
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